NTT Com teases SDN-based cloud migration

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NTT Com will this month launch what it claims is the world’s first software-defined networking (SDN)-based cloud migration service.

The operator will debut the On-premises Connection service on July 28 in Japan, and extend it to other markets worldwide at a later date.

The service connects customer on-premises systems with NTT Com's Enterprise Cloud via the internet using SDN technology.

By connecting on-premises systems and cloud in the same network segment using SDN-compatible gateway equipment installed in the customer’s system, NTT Com said the service reduces the workload normally required to design and configure on-premises networks.

Once in the cloud environment after migration, customers can continue to use the existing IP addresses of their on-premises systems.

The initial fee of 231,000 yen ($2,316) includes the cost of installing gateway equipment at the customer’s site. The daily charge is 11,718 yen and the maximum monthly charge has a ceiling of 234,150 yen. Internet connection from on-premises systems and two fixed global IP addresses for gateway equipment are charged separately.

Cloud migration requires servers and data to be transferred sequentially from an on-premises system to the cloud via a network. Conventionally, this involves a vast workload to change network equipment settings and IP addresses in both servers and clients, a huge headache for many customers.

NTT Com, in cooperation with VMware and a research institute operated by parent NTT Corporation, developed the SDN-integrated On-premises Connection Service to address this issue.

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